Managed IT Services

These services are for 10-200 systems, if you are looking for single system support or pay as you go service visit our solutions section. We customize our services for each customer and provide a single source for all their support. We have low initial setup fees, require no long term contracts and no hidden costs.


We provide free support assessment and quote.
You pay one flat monthly fee with no long term contacts.
We secure your network and provide youquick access to support.
You get an admin console and real time network status 24/7.
We manage all your IT and support needs remotely.
You get unlimited helpdesk support for your users.
There are never any surprise expenses.

We are standing by to assist you with any question or technical issue you have. Let us demo our support system for you!

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We customize our service to fit your company but below you will find our core services:

  • 1.

    Remote Helpdesk: We combine the latest technology and the sharpest technicians to assess, secure, repair, document and maintain your entire infrastructure. We Offer unlimited support issues for you and your users with live support 8am-6pm EST and a 24/7 Online Support Center that track all issues until completion.

  • 2.

    Proactive Monitoring: We keep watch over your network 24/7, monitoring availability, performance and system resources and identify problems before they happen. We provide you access to your network status and configuration details via your Online Customer Support Center.

  • 3.

    Network Administration: We lock down and tune your network and all servers then verify and document configurations. We also verify and manage all anti-virus, backup systems, VPN and Internet services.

  • 4.

    Exchange/SQL Administration: We verify, tune and document you Exchange and SQL servers. As you know this area of your infrastructure requires expert care and expertise and we have it. In fact our Exchange/SQL server techs are the best in the business and provide you with flawless management and protection.

  • 5.

    Special Projects: Need help expanding your network or extending your Internet services? We are here for you providing upgrades at no additional costs!

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